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I'm so motivated..

...I've come to realize that when you depend on people they always let you down. Well not always, but you know. So I'm deciding right now that if social stuff comes up, fine. But I am not going to sit around and wait for things to happen. I am going to make my main priority for the rest of this year and hopefully all of next to study and do well and be more motivated with the things I am doing or am involved in/with. I think that is my New Years Revolution, well that and the whole losing weight thing.

I also was soo motivated about an hour ago I took a practice ACT English test. I got 60 out of 75 correct when I am only half awake but I cannot sleep. I think that is pretty good. I believe thats close to an 80% which is like a 27 or 28? Hmm.. not bad, but I expect more of myself. I cannot wait until that software comes in. It should help me somewhat. I do not care what Amy or anybody says...practicing or reviewing concepts CANNOT hurt you and it has to help you somewhat if you review everything and practice it daily. I'm sure if you went to all the trouble you would have to have some sort of improvement. I mean, it can't hurt. Besides, she is pretty apathetic towards schoolwork with a 3.3 GPA (no offense) and I don't think she would work THAT hard for something like that- especially when she tells me how much she hates school and doesn't care to be at Jacobs, etc.

I am also proud of myself bc while listening to this song over and over again I thought about memories and began looking at old photo albums. I've realized what I wanted to give my parents/family before I go off to college! Now it will take some money and a lot of time and effort; but I think it will be well worth all of that in the end and I think it will be a really cute idea if I can do it! I plan to make some sort of slideshow of me through the years with different songs playing in the background. I either plan to scan pictures in my computer and somehow make a slideshow and edit it with music and burn it onto a DVD or just get my camcorder out and do it that way. However if I got a digital camcorder or a DVD camcorder it would be all that much simpler. Oh well, I can't rely TOO much on technology.

I am still not tired and it's 5 AM. What am I going to do when it comes to be Monday and I have to go back to school?

P.S. The song I am listening to at the bottom of the entry is what I am talking about. It is the cutest song and I have the September 2001 Remix of it. I think you should ALL get it. Hehehe.
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