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Somewhere in my memory... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Aug 2009|04:59pm]
I am 21 in less than 8 hours. yayyyy!
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[29 Aug 2007|11:18am]
How is 20 hours a good idea?! Man, was I dumb. But in order for me to graduate on time with all of the classes I want/need to take, it was necessary.
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[19 Mar 2007|09:50am]
lyons frozen custard open for the season this weekend! woot! i can't wait to buy me some ice cream soon.. ;)
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[14 Feb 2007|12:38am]
[ mood | blank ]

three cheers for being single on the most depressing day of the year TO be single! *sigh*

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[17 May 2006|11:05pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Thespian Dinner! Woot! What an eventful half day today.

Executive Board 2006-2007:
Craig Valstad - President
Erin Smith- Vice President
Ben Schillmoeller- Treasurer (unopposed)
Laura Piel - Secretary (unopposed)
Jessica Slovak- Historian (unopposed)

The dinner was wonderful. I'm kind of tired right now and I know people want to see pictures right now, so I will post more about it later..

By the way: I'm sorry for any pictures I look fat or ugly or sweaty in, some of them were too funny NOT to be put in here!

Senior Thespian Dinner 2006Collapse )

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Senior Prom 2006 [07 May 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | calm ]

Below is a cut with some pictures from my senior prom. I'm going to put on a bunch more later, but for now my computer or the server is being really stupid.

Warning: I don't look too pretty, I'm pretty tan and I look big and tall.. ugh! I'm wearing flat shoes, too.

Senior Prom 2006 'I'll Be' PicturesCollapse )

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[23 Dec 2005|12:03pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Lots of shit has been happening but my break has been relaxing. Unfortunately, I have to work like every other day for like 6 hours and I have to work tomorrow which sucks ass.

I think I'm gonna shoot myself cuz college decision making is TOUGH!!!

Right now it's between U of I, Lindy, MSU, ISU and Northern...

I don't know if I wanna do Musical Theatre anymore either cuz I wanna make money and I wanna do something with sports. I've been thinking about Sports Marketing and getting a double major with theatre or music at a school and still performing. Trouble is, only ISU and MSU have good programs that I am confident I will get into and survive. Lindenwood- well, I already auditioned and got into their theatre program, but I heard things and it isn't exactly known for being the best academically and I don't think they have many alums in New York and Chicago which is where I want to live in my 20s.

I think this entry is done.

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[26 Oct 2005|11:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday to my parents!!

What a birthday!! Two wins and White Sox are World Champions!!

I spent my early release from finals sleeping and then getting ready for hte game at my uncle's. I wish I was in the South-side right now. But more importantly, I wish I was watching fireworks since we launched some at Uncle Carl's. AMAZING.

What's ironic is the score of their first game was 1-0 also.


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[13 Oct 2005|12:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

The White Sox managed to win tonight... WHAT?!?!

-I'm going to Missouri "tomorrow"
- I'm auditioning for Lindenwood's theatre program
- I'm hecka hecka nervous
*yes, I did just say "hecka"
- I am visiting Mizzou
- I am seeing people I haven't seen since.. August
& I'm nervous b/c I gained weight

...and at times like these I wish I didn't have the two bagels, granola bar and king size Snickers today :(

I seem to be more interested in music now and majoring in it. I really hope when I go to the schools I get "the feeling" at one of them..

I have to write a summation now, but who REALLY wants to do that?

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[03 Oct 2005|03:45pm]
I'm telling your parents EVERYTHING over Thanksgiving. I don't care how much trouble I get into, you're a fucking bitch. I'm telling them about the sex (withOUT condoms), the sneaking out, your horrible actions, the drinking, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. They are gonna lock you up in a cage, my friend.

You are a fucking bitch for the shit you pull. I also don't care what trouble I get into b/c my parents already found out everything. You, my friend, are the one who will look bad. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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[23 Sep 2005|02:49pm]
[ mood | stressed ]


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[19 Aug 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I feel like I'm growing up too fast.

I just got my parking sticker for senior year today; I can't believe that school starts on Tuesday! WTF, I was just in St. Louis! I am totally dreading senior year, I feel as if I am already going to be overwhelmed because I have soo much on my plate and I am taking two AP courses. I also am Ms. Susie High School so I have a million things going on during the year.

I'm going to be in St. Charles, MO starting October 15th thru the 17th or 18th. I have pretty much decided I will be going to Lindenwood or the 'Zou and if I end up going to Lindenwood, I'll go to Mizzou for my Masters. I'm still applying to like 5 other schools though, but I don't know why...

THIS IS SOOO EXCITING! My granny might take me with her to NYC over Thanksgiving weekend and we may get a suite in the Plaza Hotel! How fucking amazing is that?! I really hope I get to go...

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[13 Aug 2005|12:16am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'm too lazy to do a big update on Missouri so I guess you will all have to read Lauren's journal to see everything that we did. I will mention that I was tearing up, again, on the way home and I sat by a Boston guy (another reference to Boston on a trip to Missouri)

Today I visited Columbia College in Chicago. I really liked the school, but it's basically Communications and Arts and they don't have sports or greek life or anything of the sort. Being well-rounded, I kind of want more to college than just artsy people. I'm still going to apply though. We were going to go to Roosevelt but we were soo tired and we went to ESPN Zone and it took a long time for us to finish our food. I literally fell asleep twice today, once in the Congress Hotel and on the train ride home. Sooo we rescheduled that visit, but I don't think I will be applying to Roosevelt anymore.

I think I have finally officially condensed my college list:

*University of Illinois
*Columbia College Chicago
*Marquette (I get to apply for FREE! WOOP WOOP!)
*Lindenwood University (I don't even know if I have to pay since I applied when I visited?)

As of right now, I think I'm going to Lindenwood. They hopefully will offer me a lot of money so that I can get a car. I still need to visit U of I and Marquette to see if I like them. I really don't want to go to U of I because it is so big and I don't think Columbia is likely either because everyone goes there. It looks like it will be Marquette or Missouri schools, joy.

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[02 Jul 2005|12:27pm]
Movie Whore?Collapse )
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[16 Apr 2005|12:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. How have I affected you?
5. What do you think of me?
6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?
7. How long do you think we will be friends?
8. Do you love me?
9. Do you have a crush on me?
10. Would you kiss me?
11. Would you hug me?
12. Physically, what stands out?
13. Emotionally, what stands out?
14. Do you wish I was cooler?
15. On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?
16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
17. Am I loveable?
18. How long have you known me?
19. Describe me in one word.
20. What was your first impression?
21. Do you still think that way about me now?
22. What do you think my weakness is?
23. Do you think I'll get married?
24. What makes me happy?
25. What makes me sad?
26. What reminds you of me?
27. If you could give me anything what would it be?
28. How well do you know me?
29. When's the last time you saw me?
30. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
31. Do you think I could kill someone?
32. Have we ever had sex?
33. Do you miss me?
34. Do you think i miss you?
35. Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you?

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[22 Jan 2005|03:47am]
I got a paid account.

add me @ /~dirrtydancinq

d i r r t y d a n c i n Q (yes thats a Q not a G)
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I'm so motivated.. [31 Dec 2004|04:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

...I've come to realize that when you depend on people they always let you down. Well not always, but you know. So I'm deciding right now that if social stuff comes up, fine. But I am not going to sit around and wait for things to happen. I am going to make my main priority for the rest of this year and hopefully all of next to study and do well and be more motivated with the things I am doing or am involved in/with. I think that is my New Years Revolution, well that and the whole losing weight thing.

I also was soo motivated about an hour ago I took a practice ACT English test. I got 60 out of 75 correct when I am only half awake but I cannot sleep. I think that is pretty good. I believe thats close to an 80% which is like a 27 or 28? Hmm.. not bad, but I expect more of myself. I cannot wait until that software comes in. It should help me somewhat. I do not care what Amy or anybody says...practicing or reviewing concepts CANNOT hurt you and it has to help you somewhat if you review everything and practice it daily. I'm sure if you went to all the trouble you would have to have some sort of improvement. I mean, it can't hurt. Besides, she is pretty apathetic towards schoolwork with a 3.3 GPA (no offense) and I don't think she would work THAT hard for something like that- especially when she tells me how much she hates school and doesn't care to be at Jacobs, etc.

I am also proud of myself bc while listening to this song over and over again I thought about memories and began looking at old photo albums. I've realized what I wanted to give my parents/family before I go off to college! Now it will take some money and a lot of time and effort; but I think it will be well worth all of that in the end and I think it will be a really cute idea if I can do it! I plan to make some sort of slideshow of me through the years with different songs playing in the background. I either plan to scan pictures in my computer and somehow make a slideshow and edit it with music and burn it onto a DVD or just get my camcorder out and do it that way. However if I got a digital camcorder or a DVD camcorder it would be all that much simpler. Oh well, I can't rely TOO much on technology.

I am still not tired and it's 5 AM. What am I going to do when it comes to be Monday and I have to go back to school?

P.S. The song I am listening to at the bottom of the entry is what I am talking about. It is the cutest song and I have the September 2001 Remix of it. I think you should ALL get it. Hehehe.

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[23 Oct 2004|05:56pm]
I hate myself and family sometimes..
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[18 Oct 2004|07:06am]
ahhhh I like this person sooo much. I can't wait til school is over and I can go home and come online. I'm SOOOOO HAPPY!
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[10 Oct 2004|04:32am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Only good thing about tonight was the fact that *someone* had called me that I hadn't talked to in forever. I hope that's a good thing.

Andy and I broke up too and I'm a dumbass.

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